Partner with Anthony Review

Partner with Anthony is a 14-session video training course that teaches students how to promote Anthony’s products using marketing funnels. It offers a variety of tools and resources, including a community for support.Review

The program is based on workable, legitimate methods and can produce real results if you follow the training. However, you will be dependent on Anthony for your income. Read on Partner With Anthony Review to learn more.

Partner With Anthony is a training program where you get 14 different sessions of video modules teaching you how to set up an affiliate marketing system. It sounds pretty decent, and the vendor does seem to know what he is doing. However, the entire thing does tend to lean towards a little bit of an MLM-style setup where you are incentivized to keep sending sales.

The course also recommends certain essential tools, such as software for building pages, sending emails, and tracking results. These are all tools that any business owner would use anyway, so the recommendations are not necessarily biased in any way. However, the program does include links to sign up for these tools in the sessions where they are discussed. These are affiliate links that pay lifetime recurring commissions. This is something that you should always be aware of when it comes to online affiliate marketing.

While there is some good training in this product, the main reason to avoid it is that the whole thing is really just a way for the vendor to make money. You are being taught how to promote his own products, and if you are successful in doing this, he will give you commissions on every sale that you generate. This is not a bad thing in itself, but it does mean that you are reliant on one person for your income.

In addition to this, the program is rather expensive. While it seems like a bargain at $7 to join, there are a number of additional fees that are not made clear. Many people have complained that money has been taken from their accounts without their knowledge. This is a serious issue, and while hiding these charges might be legal, it isn’t ethical.

So, overall, the training in Partner With Anthony is fairly solid, but it is definitely not worth the high price tag. It is much better to invest in a quality training program that will teach you how to build an actual profitable online business instead of just promoting affiliate products.


Partner with Anthony is promoted as a do-it-yourself (DFY) program that provides the tools and resources you need to make money online. However, this claim is misleading because all the tools Anthony suggests you buy are affiliate links he owns and earns commissions on every sale. These include ClickFunnels for building pages and funnels, GetResponse or Aweber for email marketing, and BuildRedirects for click and conversion tracking.

The program’s main purpose is to teach you how to use sales funnels to market Anthony’s content. The program also gives you the opportunity to become an affiliate for PWS and earn a share of the profits. But if you want to succeed with Partner With Anthony, you’ll need to spend a lot of money on tools and traffic. This makes it difficult to justify the $7 price tag of this program. In addition, Anthony doesn’t give you any coaching or support, which further raises suspicions about this product. Ultimately, Partner With Anthony is not a legitimate business model and looks like a pyramid scam. It is best to avoid it.


There are a few upsells that you need to pay for in order to make Partner with Anthony work for you. The first is a coaching program that costs $7 a month. This is a lot of money, and it is not clear what you will get from it. The other upsells are tools that you will need in order to run your affiliate marketing business. These include ClickFunnels and GetResponse. If you buy these, then you will earn commissions when someone you referred to PWA buys them.

In addition to the training you get from Partner with Anthony, you can also earn commissions by promoting tools and resources that are recommended within the program. You can even earn commissions by promoting the products that Anthony himself sells! These are called affiliate programs, and they are a common way to earn money online.

However, the problem with this type of scheme is that it can be difficult to make money. In most cases, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in order to make this work. Also, there is a risk that you will lose your hard-earned money.

If you want to make money online, you should consider investing in a legitimate course that will help you succeed. This type of training will teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how to set up your own successful business. There are also many online resources that will help you learn about affiliate marketing.

Partnering with Anthony is not a scam, but it is definitely misleading. It does provide some good training, but it is also expensive. It also contains a number of shady marketing tactics that will turn off newbies. There are better options out there.

Another program that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing is Digital Real Estate. This is a system that takes the good parts of affiliate marketing and puts them together into one complete system. It is not as expensive as Partner with Anthony, but it is still a little pricey.


Partner with Anthony is one of the worst affiliate marketing courses I’ve ever seen. It’s also a borderline pyramid scam. But don’t let the name fool you. You aren’t actually partnering with Anthony, at least not in the way that he makes it sound on the sales video. Instead, you’re getting a series of pre-recorded videos and some done-for-you tools. Moreover, this program will require you to spend a lot upfront on tools, subscription services, and paid ads.

In addition to the training you get inside Partner With Anthony, you’ll also be able to earn money by recommending essential tools and programs to people who join Anthony’s training sessions. When someone you refer clicks on the link to purchase an affiliate product or sign up for another program that you recommend, you’ll receive 50% commission.

But is it really worth it? Well, to be honest, I don’t think so. It’s definitely not for beginners, and it will take some time and hard work before you see any results. In addition, it’s quite expensive to buy all of the tools and resources that Anthony recommends, so this might not be a good idea for people on a tight budget.

Besides, the main goal of this program is to promote PWS using sales funnels. That means you’ll have to pay for traffic and subscription services in order to make any money at all. And even if you manage to generate some sales, it will be very difficult for you to make a decent living from it.

Despite these drawbacks, I still don’t consider this program to be a scam. For a modest fee, you do get access to a fair amount of quality training on affiliate marketing. And if you’re able to stick with it and generate some traffic, you can certainly make money promoting Anthony’s products. But I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s just starting out in online marketing. It’s just too risky. Plus, there are much better options available.

Darryl Johnson