Key Dates

Sep 20, 2019  Call for Submissions


Jan 08, 2020   Online entries begin 

MAY 31, 2020  23:59 hrs ENTRIES CLOSE 

July 30, 2020   Entrants notified

Oct 08, 2020    Exhibition Opening 

Oct 8-18 2020  Exhibition open daily

Oct 17, 2020    Awards Gala (7pm) Sat

Prize winners announced 


Conditions of Entry


Ceramic Artists

  • Permanent residents of British Columbia as of January  2019. 


  • Aged 18 years and over as of January 2019. ​


  • Sponsors of, and/or donors to SSICA 2020 are eligible to submit works under the following conditions only: they comply with the above requirements and remain anonymous until such time the final winners are announced at the Awards Gala.​

  • Respecting eligibility for the $500 SSI Prize; be permanent residents of Salt Spring Island as of January 2019.


  • Entrants may submit up to three works for adjudication. Each work submitted constitutes a separate entry. Completion of a separate online entry form for each work entered is required. The cost per entry is $15. 

  • A single work may constitute one or more individual pieces and must conform to ceramic "Artwork Specifications” noted below.


  • Each submission shall state if the work has been fired in a group kiln or if someone other than the submitting artist fires the work.


  • Each Submission shall state which, if any, commercial glazes have been used.

  • Each Submission shall state and credit the artist responsible for any molds, decals, stencils.

  • There will be an additional Exhibition Fee of $25 for each work accepted into the exhibition.


  • All artwork must be of high caliber and display a good understanding of the clay medium.


  • Artwork must be the original creation of the artist, with an emphasis on technical ability as well as artistic accomplishment.


  • The work submitted for consideration must be original and created in the Province of BC within the 18 months prior to the submission deadline.


  • The work must not have previously been exhibited in a juried art show.


  • The work must not have been made in a workshop or class.


  • The pieces chosen must be made available for sale throughout the exhibition at a fair market price.    


  • A commission of 25% will be deducted from the sale of all pieces sold from the Exhibition.

  • Entries must be completed and submitted prior 23:59 hrs May 31,2020 . Entries submitted after this time will not be accepted.

Artwork Specifications


  • The work must be made predominantly of fired clay.


Wall Mounted

  • Finished dimensions must not exceed 48˝ wide x 60˝ high x 6 ˝ deep.

  • Weight of each work must be indicated on the entry form.

  • Work must be securely framed, mounted and ready to hang.

  • Multiple panel work is considered a single entry. Combined panels must meet the size specification above.


3 Dimensional

  • Each work must fit inside a space 30˝wide x 30˝deep x 60˝ high.

  • Weight of each work must be indicated on the entry form.

  • Each work must be ready for installation (pedestals will be provided), or

  • Multiple component work is considered a single entry. Combined components must meet the size specification above.

Submitting Photography

  • For wall mounted work, submit one photo of the full work. Optionally, submit a second photo of a significant detail.

  • For 3-dimensional work, submit up to three photos, one of which must show the entire work.

  • Use JPG format up to 10MB in size.

  • All images must give as close a representation of the work as possible.

  • The capture date of photography must be January 1, 2019 or later.

  • Artwork that does not conform to the submission image may be refused.

  • There must be no marks which identify the artist visible on the images submitted for consideration (eg. ciphers, stamps, signatures).


  • Entries must comply with the above Conditions of Entry. 

  • In the event a work(s) does not comply with the above Conditions of Entry, SSICA reserves the right to exclude the works from the contest, from adjudication, from the exhibition, and in the case of winning, from the assignment of awards or prize. 

  • The jury will view all compliant submissions and, from digital images, will select those pieces to be included in the Awards Exhibition up to a total of 100 works.

  • Jurors will choose the award-winning works after an in-situ viewing of the selected pieces in the Exhibition.

Accepted Works

Photographic Release

  • Entrants will allow SSAC, the Guild and SSICA to reproduce their work by print and electronic media for the purpose of advertising and promoting the Salt Spring Island Ceramic Awards.

  • Artists whose work is accepted for the finalists’ exhibition are responsible for the delivery and pickup of their work.

  • The Exhibition Administrator must be notified in advance if an unconventional method of presentation or hanging is required.

  • The Salt Spring Ceramic Awards (SSICA) reserve the right to determine the most appropriate method for displaying work. Where the work can be considered a health hazard, or other physical risk to any member of the public or SSICA volunteers and staff, or in breach of Occupational Health and Safety and/or Workers’ Compensation guidelines, and SSICA reserve the right to withdraw the work.


  • The SSICA Jury Committee will engage three independent jurors. The jurors will be professionals in the ceramic field including curators, gallery owners, educators, and established artists.


  • Entrants will be notified by July 16, 2020 regarding acceptance into the Exhibition.  Successful artists must pay an exhibition fee of $25.00 per accepted piece, payable on delivery of the piece(s) for the Exhibition.

  • Those artists invited to participate in the Exhibition will receive detailed further information.     

  • Substitutions for pieces juried into the exhibition will not be permitted.

  • Artists who have work in the Exhibition will allow the Guild to reproduce their work by print and electronic media for the purpose of advertising and promoting the SSICA Awards.


  • Exhibitors should be aware that the Guild and SSICA do not carry insurance.

  • However, the Guild and SSICA will make every effort to keep the work safe at all times.